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Brain Damage

There is a thing they've been saying about sugar in the pop-science communities. They say it causes brain damage, because people who consume sugar have a different brain structure, and behavioural traits of things like impulsiveness. The same goes for people who have been through traumatic experiences, but with behavioural traits of emotional instability. I want to explain the falsehood of this brain damage view.

Benevolence & Purpose verses Altruism

I was writing a long winded message on Facebook to a friend I knew from school. She has suffered greatly in life, but is a strong person. I want this friend to know me better, and what my ideas are. This friend is interested in helping people and so my thoughts on Altruism vs Benevolence. Benevolence is an important and understated subject in Objectivist culture and this got interesting enough to share, as I think I've made the argument simpler than before.

Freud the Conversation Starter

I've been interested in what makes one have the sexuality they do for a long time. I have a secret to admit: I read a lot of Freud a couple of years back and liked something about it. Frued brought into my minds focus things about sexuality I'd ignored, though not an understanding as I reject his conclusions.

Drugs are Good

Until they've locked up every rapist, every murderer, caught every thief, and busted every scammer - the police have no time for drugs. This isn't even the most essential argument, that would be that we have no right to tell others what is right for their body.

Managing Investment with Electrum Master Public Keys

Investment is currently minimal in the Deep Web. There are not many aware of Bitcoin's potential in not just currency but accounting. On the Deep Web especially lies issues of trust which mean most operations are usually by a sole person. Electrum master public keys enable multiple parties to track the activity on an Electrum wallet. This means these parties can have a trustee execute payments that they can watch. Investors can be sure they are getting their allocated returns.

Shifting Sexuality

I've decided to blog this long Facebook comment in response to a thread created by a friend about the scam reperative therapy and desistence, which claims to successfully change transgenders back. Transgenders seem to be suffering greatly, and I think it is because of their condition as well as how people treat them. I have mostly by a fluke experienced vast changes in my own sexuality over the past four years.

Cult of Kintaro game servers

I have purchased a server in Sydney to host game servers for Australia. All at my other site

Currently I have a Minecraft server online, with simple rules about not being a dick. As some added spice to try and get people to actually use it, you can talk to me about claiming regions which have your own rules. I can give a lot of direction on using WorldGuard to do that and inform people entering your region.

The AK-47

There is this cool soviet murder weapon, the AK47. The economics of it fascinate me, I've just figured it out from what is known about the gun. Its construction involves less factors of production, basically meaning shorter production lines. Yet it is a very reliable and effective weapon, easy to maintain. It is regarded by many throughout the world as a brilliant invention in simplicity and improvised cleverness under terrible conditions.


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