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A Response to Slander

A response to slander, to nobody in particular, since this is a discussion I refuse to have. The response the liar would have to this would just kill me inside, I don't want it to happen and yet it already has a little...

"Why do you speak of what you don't even know yet? You should be asking questions. With everything else, you are the open minded pretentious sponge ready to absorb anything. Considering that what really makes you so oppositional to those ideas in particular?

Murphy's Large Hadron Collider

I am not a physics person, I know a little, and I know where to find much if I ever did want to start learning and using physics. I am however slightly above a novice with logic. I've learned from Objectivism that the analytic-synthetic dichotomy is false. I like to get creative with logic, and with that I can deduce some interesting things.

Restrained Protoplasm

I just commented on this anti-piracy "crusade" the Australian government wants to go on. Though, it isn't a crusade but cowardice.

The fact is the Australian government doesn't want to ruffle any feathers by arresting pirates. Instead they're going to treat us all as if we can't help ourselves, like they do with drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. They are going to impose censorship on the Internet to stop piracy. This is because they like so many people in Australian culture do not believe in personal responsibility.

Memes are for Monkeys

There is an advantage to being a conceptual being. As humans we have concepts that subsume types of entities in reality. Monkeys do not have this, they have short expressions for very specific things. As conceptual beings humans are contextual beings, we have to use context to specify specific things. For example a monkey if it could recognize my website might just go "scraah," and for another it might go "eeek." As humans we have to know what a website is, how to use it, and how to specify which website of the many websites it is.


I posted something on Facebook about the gay pride and other similar movements. I thought I should share it here.

Saying you are proud of your sexuality is silly. You have a sexuality on mere consequence of being alive. Contentment should be enough. Pride in it is basically thinking you've made an effort to have genitals. You have not made an effort to have genitals, so shut up. Nobody cares about your pride in things you have no control over. I am proud of my work, I am proud of how I've been able to use my genitals in my life.

Palpitating Slavery

So I've heard that you can get unpaid interns just to make coffee now, so I got some for SECUSRVR. It is my one man business, it isn't doing well at the moment. I decided to get five such interns, and I assure you they are making coffee all the time. I now have to drink a gallon of coffee every hour.

The compassion of bean counters

I learned about a month ago that here in Australia smoking related deaths reduce healthcare and aged care liabilities by almost $30 billion. There is a lot of one-sided talk about the costs of smoking on the socialized health system. What is ignored is how much less dead people cost. Yet they tax smoking arguing it is expensive. Such arguments are dropping the context, if government accounts are to be considered in full smoking reduces liabilities significantly.

Transchrono Life

I am transchrono, I am actually 12 years old. I've been in the closet about being 12 for a long time, but when I was 11 I knew it was possible and when I was 12, I was completely sure – but deep in denial. I have been hiding my true age for a long time. I have decided now to share with everyone my age and the plight of all young boys like me. My people have endured terrible suffering. It has not been easy, but to feel the full pride I deserve I need the validation and acceptance of my peers, which is any random group of strangers.

Kantian C++

I thought I would share this joke in Funny C++ about Kantian philosophy, and where it has taken the modern world. If you're not aware, I'm into Ayn Rand. I know that offends lots of people, but try not to be a spoil sport and take the joke for what it is. That can be hard for those, who take things that are for what they aren't, but there is always tomorrow to change. The code isn't perfect, I'm not even sure if it runs but it gets my point across.

New site up and running

So the new site is up and running and a new and speedy server. It went down because the hard drive mysteriously got wiped when rebooting the dedicated server. I was depending entirely on mirrored RAID to keep data safe. I will be moving to cloud based backup solutions. It is possible someone accessed the server from my own home. Though it was running an old version of CentOS, which is what it came with when I got the server from iWeb. They charge fees for upgrades and things and do not even offer a KVM. Never do business with iWeb, they are a completely inept company.

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