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Shifting Sexuality

I've decided to blog this long Facebook comment in response to a thread created by a friend about the scam reperative therapy and desistence, which claims to successfully change transgenders back. Transgenders seem to be suffering greatly, and I think it is because of their condition as well as how people treat them. I have mostly by a fluke experienced vast changes in my own sexuality over the past four years.

Cult of Kintaro game servers

I have purchased a server in Sydney to host game servers for Australia. All at my other site

Currently I have a Minecraft server online, with simple rules about not being a dick. As some added spice to try and get people to actually use it, you can talk to me about claiming regions which have your own rules. I can give a lot of direction on using WorldGuard to do that and inform people entering your region.

The AK-47

There is this cool soviet murder weapon, the AK47. The economics of it fascinate me, I've just figured it out from what is known about the gun. Its construction involves less factors of production, basically meaning shorter production lines. Yet it is a very reliable and effective weapon, easy to maintain. It is regarded by many throughout the world as a brilliant invention in simplicity and improvised cleverness under terrible conditions.

Sustainability and Action

I am writing here about the concept sustainability, focusing on flaws in the progressive version. I start however like I often do with a story from my life. Sustainability is a concept that for a long time that I had forsaken after eventually finding it unusable. The story is about how that happened.

I'm Supersexual

There are lot of names for different sexual orientations these days. Regardless of the orientation it is considered a part of their nature they cannot change. Homosexuals claim they are born that way, which they assume from never having heterosexual feelings. It is a jungle of sexual preferences out there, and they are a popular attack on reason itself.

Altruism vs Benevolence

A philosophy means every person in the entire Universe is included. A philosophy of self-interest involves the self-interest of everyone. It's not Ayn Rand's psycho rationalizations from an anti-social mood it is Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. It is about finding principles that work in the entire Universe, it is philosophy!

Positivity and Realism

So Tony "Mr Positive" Abbott is saying we all might live until one hundred and fifty. As a geek who reads a bit about improvement in medical technology I say things like this. The left however are right that it is blatant speculation. I've given numbers such as 160 for a future life expectancy but I do it in the context of being my usual hyperbole.

Hacking Computers and Context

I love being a hacker, if only for the philosophy of tolerance set out by Eric S Raymond on his writings about the culture. We don't bicker, we always use reason. We don't get stuck on things. We don't take things personally, unless it is related to hacking. Socially merit and even tenure on certain projects says a lot about ones values.

Net Neutrality

It's a bizarre world when so called free speech advocates are pushing for FCC regulation of net neutrality. There is a point that it won't stop there, but if they wanted other regulation they could do it anyway. What the point should be in opposition is that net neutrality is a bad idea and our lives are better without it.


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