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Transchrono Life

I am transchrono, I am actually 12 years old. I've been in the closet about being 12 for a long time, but when I was 11 I knew it was possible and when I was 12, I was completely sure – but deep in denial. I have been hiding my true age for a long time. I have decided now to share with everyone my age and the plight of all young boys like me. My people have endured terrible suffering. It has not been easy, but to feel the full pride I deserve I need the validation and acceptance of my peers, which is any random group of strangers.

Kantian C++

I thought I would share this joke in Funny C++ about Kantian philosophy, and where it has taken the modern world. If you're not aware, I'm into Ayn Rand. I know that offends lots of people, but try not to be a spoil sport and take the joke for what it is. That can be hard for those, who take things that are for what they aren't, but there is always tomorrow to change. The code isn't perfect, I'm not even sure if it runs but it gets my point across.

New site up and running

So the new site is up and running and a new and speedy server. It went down because the hard drive mysteriously got wiped when rebooting the dedicated server. I was depending entirely on mirrored RAID to keep data safe. I will be moving to a mirrored RAID system. It is possible someone accessed the server from my own home. Though it was running an old version of CentOS, which is what it came with when I got the server from iWeb. They charge fees for upgrades and things and do not even offer a KVM. Never do business with iWeb, they are a completely inept company.

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